港股异动 | 航空股集体回落 美兰空港(00357)跌超8% 南航(01055)、国航(00753)跌超4%

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Airline stocks fell collectively, and Meilan Airport (00357) fell more than 8%, China Southern Airlines (01055) and Air China (00753) fell more than 4%

Zhitong Finance ·  03/20 15:00

The Zhitong Finance App learned that airline stocks declined collectively. As of press release, Meilan Airport (00357) fell 8.26% to HK$17.32; Air China (00753) fell 4.21% to HK$7.06; China Southern Airlines (01055) fell 4.17% to HK$5.51; and Eastern Airlines (00670) fell 2.82% to HK$3.1.

According to the news, Guoxin Securities released a research report saying that the summer and fall season of 2023 is coming soon. With the orderly liberalization of domestic flight volume control and the continuous increase in international routes, the bank believes that civil aviation passenger traffic is expected to rise further, supply pressure will gradually be digested, and the superimposed restrictions will continue to gain strength, and price performance is expected to continue to be impressive. Capital Securities released a research report saying that international flight volume will recover at an accelerated pace after the season change at the end of March, domestic supply will be loosened and tightened, and the upward trend in ticket prices is expected to continue to improve.

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