Société Générale: The impact of the ECB's interest rate hike on interest spreads in Eurozone countries is getting smaller

Gelonghui Finance ·  03/17 15:43
Gronghui, March 17 丨 Société Générale interest rate strategists from Société Générale wrote in a report that the impact of the ECB's interest rate hike on interest spreads in Eurozone countries is becoming less and less, and the focus has turned back to economic fundamentals. Investors are concerned about signs of a debt crisis, although the risk of a rapid sovereign debt crisis is unlikely. Despite this, Italy's debt levels are at historically high levels, especially Italy, which is trying to avoid the risk of a steady narrowing of interest spreads on Italian-German treasury bond yields. According to Tradeweb, the interest difference between 10-year Italian treasury bonds and German treasury bonds is about 189 basis points.

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