CNH Industrial Acquires Machine Vision Company Augmenta

CNH Industrial Acquires Machine Vision Company Augmenta

CNH 工业收购机器视觉公司 Augmenta
Accesswire ·  2023/03/17 04:35

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / March 16, 2023 / CNH Industrial (NYSE:CNHI) has purchased Augmenta to accelerate the growth of their innovative Sense & Act technology. Augmenta was a previous CNH Industrial Ventures investment and a strategic partner for CNH Industrial.

马萨诸塞州北安普敦/ACCESSWIRE/2023 年 3 月 16 日/ CNH 工业 (纽约证券交易所代码:CHHI) 收购了Augmenta以加速其创新的Sense & Act技术的发展。Augmenta之前是CNH Industrial Ventures的投资,也是CNH Industrial的战略合作伙伴。

"Our work with Augmenta has brought increasing benefits to our customers' operations. What began as a minority investment in their potential, now culminates in us adding this proven tech excellence directly to our sprayer offering," said Derek Neilson, President Agriculture at CNH Industrial. "This is an important development for our Agriculture business that will further support our dealers by differentiating our equipment through value-added technology."

“我们与Augmenta的合作为客户的运营带来了越来越多的好处。CNH Industrial农业总裁德里克·尼尔森说,最初是对其潜力的少数股权投资,现在的最终结果是我们将这种久经考验的卓越技术直接添加到我们的喷雾器产品中。“这是我们农业业务的重要发展,它将通过增值技术使我们的设备脱颖而出,进一步支持我们的经销商。”

"Augmenta's technology will expedite development of our broader 'Sense & Act' capabilities to create value for our customers," said Parag Garg, Chief Digital Product Officer. Sense & Act tasks are based on sensor-detected data during the spraying process, wherein protection solutions are applied to crops both before and after harvest. This technology gives machines selective spraying capabilities which precisely directs and regulates spray volume.

首席数字产品官帕拉格·加尔格说:“Augmenta的技术将加快我们更广泛的'Sense & Act'能力的开发,为我们的客户创造价值。”Sense & Act 任务基于喷洒过程中传感器检测到的数据,其中在收获前和收获后对农作物应用保护解决方案。这项技术为机器提供了选择性喷涂能力,可以精确地引导和调节喷雾量。

Augmenta's work in this area includes the development of a multispectral camera and software that monitors a machine's operating environment and acts directly via the machine. This increases yield for our customers, boosts sustainability by eliminating unnecessary chemical and fertilizer usage, and most importantly reduces application time, effort and input costs. Savings in herbicide, fungicide, plant growth regulators and fertilizer represent the largest value pool for this technology.


Augmenta will operate within our Raven brand, as a subset of our precision technology portfolio. It will maintain its existing employees and offices in Greece and the USA.


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