小i机器人盘中异动 早盘大幅跳水5.92%报5.40美元

自選股智能寫手 ·  03/16 23:23




小i机器人股票所在的软件服务行业中,整体涨幅为0.08%。其相关个股中,Cxapp Inc C/Wts 14/03/2028 (To Pur Com)、Uipath Inc、Evercommerce Inc涨幅较大,Loyalty Ventures Inc、Exela Technologies Inc、Cxapp Inc较为活跃,换手率分别为%、%、%,振幅较大的相关个股有Movella Holdings Inc C/Wts 10/02/2028 (To Pur Com)、Waldencast Plc C/Wts 27/07/2027 (To Pur Ord)、Evercommerce Inc,振幅分别为%、%、%。

小i机器人公司简介:XIAO-I Corp is a global AI industrialization company focusing on AI Cognitive Intelligence platform. The platform combines six core technologies including Natural Language Processing, Speech Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Affective Computing, Data Intelligence and Hyper- automation. Based on the platform, The company developed products and solutions in fields of Al+ Contact Center, Al+ Finance, Al+ City Public Service, Al+ Architecture, Al+ Metaverse, Al+ Manufacturing, and Al+ Healthcare. It generates revenue from the sale of software products and service, M&S service, and sale of cloud platform products.


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