B2B电子商务交易平台拍明芯城(IZM.US)IPO发行价为4美元/股 上市首日跌超17%

B2B e-commerce trading platform IzM.US's IPO price fell more than 17% on the first day of listing to 4 US dollars/share

Zhitong Finance ·  03/16 14:07

The Zhitong Finance App learned that B2B e-commerce trading platform IZM.US (IZM.US) was listed on the NASDAQ on Wednesday. The IPO price was 4 US dollars/share, which was at the low end of the price range of 4-5 US dollars/share. A total of 1.5 million shares were issued. The company initially planned to issue 4.4 million shares at a price of 5-6 US dollars/share, but it revised its IPO terms twice in September of last year and February of this year. The stock closed down 17.25% at $3.31 on Wednesday.

Paming Xincheng is mainly engaged in selling electronic component products to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the consumer electronics industry, the Internet of Things, the automotive electronics industry, and industrial control in China. In addition, the company provides customers with one-stop order execution supply chain services, such as temporary storage, logistics transportation, customs clearance, etc., and charges additional service fees.

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