ST新研(300159.SZ):韩华2062万股司法拍卖股份完成过户 持股降至5%以下

ST Research Institute (300159.SZ): Hanwha completed transfer of 20.62 million shares in judicial auction and holdings fell below 5%

Gelonghui Finance ·  02/20 18:50

Gelonghui February 20 丨ST Xinyan (300159.SZ) announced that from 10:00 on November 25, 2022 to 10:00 on November 26, 2022, the People's Court of Jianye District of Nanjing will take Hanwha's companyStock contract2062.110,000 shares were publicly auctioned on the “Ali Auction · Justice” online platform. In the course of this bidding auction, the bidder Wei Wei ended up with about 4641.The bid for 460,000 yuan was successful. Upon enquiry, the transfer of the above shares has been completed.

After the auction of Hanwha shares this time, the proportion of the company's shares held in the company's total share capital after excluding the number of repurchased shares dropped from 5.85% to 4.45%. As of the announcement, Japan and Hanwha still held about 6552.640,000 shares, all of which have been judicially frozen.

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