Xinhua Healthcare (600587.SH): Beijing Xinhua Taikang plans to participate in the Health Beijing Investment Company

Gelonghui Finance ·  02/10 17:05

Gelonghui February 10?Xinhua Medical (600587.SH) announced The company's wholly-owned subsidiary Xinhua Taikang Investment Holdings (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Xinhua Taikang") plans to work with Shandong Yiyang Health Group Medical (Group) Co., Ltd., Shandong Yiyang Health Group Endowment (Group) Co., Ltd., Shandong Yiyang Health Group Agriculture (Group) Co., Ltd., Shandong Yiyang Health Group Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd., Capital holding (Group) Co., Ltd., property (Group) Co., Ltd., and Jinsheng Water Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred to as "7 subsidiaries of Shandong Health") jointly funded the establishment of Shandong Yiyang Health Group Beijing Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (name tentatively decided) Specifically, subject to the approval of the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, referred to as "Health Beijing Investment Company"), the registered capital of Health Beijing Investment Company is 50 million yuan, of which Shandong Yicheng Health Group Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Health Medical") contributed 25.5 million yuan, with a shareholding ratio of 51%. Xinhua Medical and six other investors each contributed 3.5 million yuan, with a shareholding ratio of 7%.

The business scope of the proposed enterprise includes general projects: information consulting services (excluding licensed information consulting services); information technology consulting services; engaging in investment activities with their own funds; social and economic consulting services; technology services, technology development, technology consultation, technology exchange, technology transfer, technology promotion; marketing planning; enterprise management; asset management services for self-owned funds investment. (except for projects that must be approved in accordance with the law, independently carry out business activities according to law on the strength of the business license.

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