A股异动 | 联特科技高开8% 正在积极建设CPO核心技术和工艺平台

Changes in A-shares | Liante Technology opened 8% higher and is actively building CPO core technology and process platforms

Gelonghui Finance ·  02/10 09:32
Gelonghui, Feb. 10, 丨 Liante Technology opened 8.53% higher at 79 yuan, with a total market capitalization of 5.7 billion yuan. Liante Technology disclosed a stock trading change announcement on the 9th. CPO is one of the directions of optical module technology and product evolution in high-computing power application scenarios such as AI applications, but at present, CPO related product development is still in the early stages. The maturity of the technology and large-scale application of the market will take time, and there are many uncertainties. The company is currently actively building CPO core technology and process platforms, including a design and development platform for co-packaging processes for various optical components and electronic chips. There is uncertainty about whether technological breakthroughs can be achieved and the industrialization and commercialization of technological achievements can be achieved. Development projects related to the CPO have not yet generated revenue, and there is uncertainty about the impact on the company's future performance.

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