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Hudson Acquisition I Corp Unit 1 Com & 1 Rt盘中异动 早盘大幅下跌5.46%报10.05美元

自選股智能寫手 ·  01/31 23:23

北京时间2023年01月31日22时52分,Hudson Acquisition I Corp Unit 1 Com & 1 Rt(股票出现异动,股价快速下挫5.46%。截至发稿,该股报10.05美元/股,成交量100股,换手率0.00%,振幅0.00%。



Hudson Acquisition I Corp Unit 1 Com & 1 Rt股票所在的壳公司行业中,整体涨幅为0.09%。其相关个股中,Cf Acquisition Corp Vii C/Wts 16/03/2028 (To Pur Com)、Globalink Investment Inc C/Wts 03/12/2026 (To Pur Com)、Dp Cap Acquisition Corp I C/Wts 08/11/2026 (To Pur Com)涨幅较大,L Catterton Asia Acquisition Corp、Esm Acquisition Corporation、Crown Proptech Acquisitions较为活跃,换手率分别为28.58%、3.91%、3.11%,振幅较大的相关个股有L Catterton Asia Acquisition Corp C/Wts 08/03/2026 (To Pur Com)、Cf Acquisition Corp Vii C/Wts 16/03/2028 (To Pur Com)、Jaws Hurricane Acquisition Corp C/Wts 26/03/2026 (To Pur Com),振幅分别为501.95%、194.03%、97.85%。

Hudson Acquisition I Corp Unit 1 Com & 1 Rt公司简介:Hudson Acquisition I Corp 是一家空白支票公司,其业务目的是实现与一个或多个企业的合并、股本交易所、资产收购、股票购买、重组或类似业务合并。

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