Hymer Technology: The controlling shareholder plans a change in the company's control and suspends stock trading

Gelonghui Finance ·  12/29/2022 18:20
Glonghui, December 29 丨 Hymer Technology announced that Mr. Dou Jianwen, Mr. Zhang Ligang, and Mr. Zhang Liqiang signed a “Share Transfer Framework Agreement” with Shandong Xinjengcheng Energy Co., Ltd., and are planning to transfer 5.20% of the company's shares held by Mr. Dou Jianwen, Mr. Zhang Ligang, and Mr. Zhang Liqiang to Shandong Xinzhengcheng. After this share transfer is completed, Mr. Dou Jianwen, Mr. Zhang Ligang, and Mr. Zhang Liqiang plan to entrust the voting rights for all remaining shares of the company (accounting for 13.85% of the total share capital) to Shandong New Journey. After the above transaction is completed, Shandong Xinzhengcheng will hold 19.05% of the company's voting rights and become the controlling shareholder of the company, and Mr. Su Zhancai will become the actual controller of the company. At the same time, the company plans to issue shares to specific targets, and Shandong Xinzheng plans to use cash to fully subscribe for the new shares issued by the company to specific targets.

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