Vastned Belgium: Interim Statement From the Board of Directors as at 30 September 2022

GlobeNewswire ·  10/25/2022 00:05

• Vastned Belgium achieves a positive net result of € 11.9 million.
• Increase of the expected EPRA earnings per share for 2022 to € 2.55 - € 2.60 (from € 2.45 - € 2.55) despite the uncertain outlook.
• High occupancy rate of 99.0% underlines the quality of the real estate portfolio.
• Highly stable collection rate (99.6%) of rental income during the first nine months of 2022.
• Slight decrease (€ -1.0 million or -0.3%) in the value of the existing real estate portfolio compared to the previous financial year.
• € 40.8 million in unused credit facilities available.
• Low debt ratio of 27.2% provides sufficient protection for shareholders in the current, volatile, economic environment.
• Sven Bosman's appointment as Operational Managing Director made permanent.

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  • Interim statement as per 30.09.2022

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