CGE Energy Announces Revised Go-Forward Plan With Aradatum

GlobeNewswire ·  Oct 12, 2022 05:35

BRIGHTON, Mich, Oct. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CGE Energy, Inc. ("CGE", OTC: CGEI) is pleased to announce that yesterday its Board of Directors unanimously approved a revised go-forward plan for its wholly-owned subsidiary, Aradatum, Inc. – continuing acceleration of the development and promotion of the world's first self-powered macro cell tower. After further discussion with its legal and financial consultants, CGE determined to delay immediate plans to merge CGE into a subsidiary of Aradatum, and instead to move forward with activities designed to enhance Aradatum's operations.

To that end, CGE's Board of Directors elected a new board for Aradatum, comprised of: Bruce Bruinsma, Bryan Zaplitny, Craig Hancock, Gary Westerholm, Harold Telners, Kevin Cook, Larry Leete, Mark Cecil, Michael Pollakowsi, Paul Schneider, and William Naubert. In addition, Bryan Zaplitny was affirmed as Chairman of Aradatum's Board of Directors and CEO, with Larry Leete affirmed as President, Jason Abel as Chief Operating Officer and General Council, and Paul Schneider as Secretary.

In addition, consistent with its long-term strategic plan, including focusing primarily on the operational and investment activity of Aradatum, CGE confirmed that it will no longer be supporting the OTC Pink market, which the Company does not consider placing an accurate valuation on Aradatum. The Company has determined that continued listing on OTC Pink market is not in the best interest of the Company and its shareholders. CGE will continue to explore alternative options to the OTC Pink market in the future as well as update shareholders of revised merger timing.

About CGE Energy, Inc.

CGE Energy, Inc. is a holding company with two wholly owned subsidiaries, Aradatum, Inc. and Clean Green Energy, Inc.

About Aradatum, Inc.

Aradatum is a technology company that created the world's first self-powered macro cell tower that you can place literally anywhere. Aradatum creates the infrastructure to solve geographic and power challenges caused by the limited reach of next-generation wireless networks. The towers provide secure and instantaneous communication for telecommunications and network infrastructure equipment running advanced applications for 5G, private networks and edge computing.

About Clean Green Energy, Inc.

Clean Green Energy, Inc. develops long-term energy projects that solve the unique energy challenges of its commercial, municipal and nonprofit customers. The Company provides both services and products that enable its customers to reduce their energy consumption; lower their upfront, operating and maintenance costs; and generate environmental benefits.

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