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Mobile Global Esports (NASDAQ:MGAM) Announces Exclusive Compression Technology Partnership for Upcoming Indian Esports Social-Gaming Platform

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SAN CLEMENTE, CA and MUMBAI, INDIA / ACCESSWIRE / August 10, 2022 / Mobile Global Esports Inc. (NASDAQ:MGAM) the mobile esports and social platform company that holds trademark and IP rights for collegiate esports tournaments and players in India, today detailed a joint product development partnership featuring EVE encoding, a proprietary compression technology that reduces video file size by as much as 65% compared to other commercially available products.


"Esports is growing at a phenomenal rate in India, so everything we can do to maximize the current mobile infrastructure for our upcoming tournament season matters," said Mobile Global Esports CEO David Pross. "We believe EVE compression removes major obstacles in the market and will position us to deliver a great user experience to esports viewers and to tournaments and gamers, with real potential to scale."

Mobile Global电子竞技首席执行官大卫·普罗斯表示:“电子竞技在印度正以惊人的速度增长,因此我们为即将到来的锦标赛赛季最大限度地利用现有的移动基础设施所能做的一切都很重要。”我们相信,EVE压缩消除了市场上的主要障碍,将使我们能够为体育观众、锦标赛和游戏玩家提供出色的用户体验,并具有真正的规模潜力。“

"MOGO is an incredible use case for EVE and all of our video capabilities," said Anthony Rennert, CTO of ZuCasa and creator of EVE. "The fact that this partnership is for the Indian market, where we have great experience, is even better." EVEMETA and ZuCasa are software companies that focus on video delivery and engagement, respectively. Anthony previously led America's most famous shock jock's digital team and has worked with or acted as a consultant to Cogent, Time Warner, China Telecom, Qwest, TATA as well as many others.


"With Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Reliance Jio acquiring significant swaths of 5G bandwidth in the recent auctions, India's top telcos are banking on esports to drive acceptance of their new 5G offerings," said Sunny Bhandarkar, Mobile Global Esports vice president, India. "While 5G will offer the faster speeds and low latency competitive gamers demand, its short transmission range and limited availability make our EVE compression across the board more valuable for both future 5G and current 4G esports competitors and viewers."

印度移动全球电子竞技副总裁总裁表示:“随着Bharti Airtel、沃达丰Idea和Reliance Jio在最近的拍卖中获得大量5G带宽,印度顶级电信公司正寄希望于esports来推动他们新的5G产品被接受。”虽然5G将提供竞争对手游戏玩家所需的更快的速度和低延迟,但它的短传输距离和有限的可用性使得我们的EVE全面压缩对未来的5G和当前的4G体育竞争对手和观众来说都更有价值。

A 2022 FICCI EY Media and Entertainment Report estimates that active e-sports players in India had a 2X increase to 600,000 in 2021 over 2020, and that there are now over 100,000 e-sports teams, with viewership up from 600,000 hours in 2020 to just under 2 million hours in 2021.

2022年FICCI EY Media and Entertainment的一份报告估计,2021年印度活跃的电子竞技运动员比2020年增加了两倍,达到60万人,现在有超过10万支电子竞技队伍,观众人数从2020年的60万小时增加到2021年的略低于200万小时。

The EVE Network Engine Optimizer (NEO) reduces the bandwidth needed to transmit high quality video by more than half, benefiting network operations, content distribution and content ownership. By effectively multiplying the capacity on existing infrastructure and lowering costs throughout the workflow, EVE increases throughput efficiency and quality of video to dramatically improve distribution performance.


EVE is codec agnostic and all decoding is based on international standards, with resultant files or streams playable in any browser or video player that supports standard codecs. There are no B frames, providing faster decoding, minimizing battery use and expediting rendering. EVE is easily integrated into streaming delivery using the EVE Console or using REST based APIs that can be inserted directly into existing workflows. Data sharing and storage is maximized via cloud, locally or hybrid with full redundancy, providing a cost-efficient storage model while reducing the expenses associated with self-hosted storage solutions. EVE also supports OAuth 2.0 authentication enabling data sharing without sharing passwords.

EVE与编解码器无关,所有解码都基于国际标准,生成的文件或流可以在任何支持标准编解码器的浏览器或视频播放器中播放。没有B帧,提供更快的解码,最大限度地减少电池消耗,并加快渲染速度。使用Eve控制台或使用可直接插入到现有工作流中的基于REST的API,Eve可轻松集成到流交付中。通过具有完全冗余的云、本地或混合方式最大限度地实现数据共享和存储,从而提供经济高效的存储模式,同时降低与自托管存储解决方案相关的费用。Eve还支持OAuth 2.0身份验证,无需共享密码即可实现数据共享。

About Mobile Global Esports, Inc.


Mobile Global Esports ("MOGO" or "Mogo," or the "Company") was organized in March of 2021 to carry on and expand an esports business (the "Business") started by Sports Industry of India ("SII"), in 2016. Through a series of contracts, the rights to the Business were assigned to MOGO by SII and its affiliates beginning in October of 2021. MOGO! is now building out and expanding the business created by SII, which is focused on the rapidly growing esports industry, with special emphasis on India and other South Asian markets. For more information about the Company, please visit


About EVEmeta


EVEmeta is an image and video compression technology company specializing in high-quality, low-bandwidth solutions. EVE dramatically reduces costs for storage and transmission while enhancing the consumer experience. EVE enables digital files to move at unparalleled speed across any network, to any device on any operating system, regardless of the infrastructure or connection type. Based on compression developed by Tony Rennert, who has been in the encoding space since dial-up, EVEmeta was created with Martha Chang to bring this technology to a broader market. Used for generations of media content, from Howard Stern to USC, EveMeta has passed billions of files across the globe. and

EVEmeta是一家专门从事高质量、低带宽解决方案的图像和视频压缩技术公司。EVE极大地降低了存储和传输成本,同时增强了消费者体验。EVE使数字文件能够以无与伦比的速度在任何网络上移动到任何操作系统上的任何设备,无论基础设施或连接类型如何。基于自拨号以来一直在编码领域工作的Tony Rennert开发的压缩,EVEmeta是与Martha Chang一起创建的,目的是将这项技术推向更广泛的市场。从霍华德·斯特恩到南加州大学,EveMeta被用于几代媒体内容,已经在全球传递了数十亿个文件。和

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