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DriveItAway Holdings, Inc (OTCQB: CLCN) Moves Headquarters to ic@3401, Heart of Philadelphia Innovation

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DriveItAway Moves to the "Heart of Philadelphia's Innovation District" in Philadelphia, PA's University City – "Connected to Compete"


"We are delighted at this stage of our growth, to join Philadelphia's largest community of funded, early-stage, startups at ic@3401, a vetted, diverse, interconnected community of experts, investors and resources," - John F. Possumato, Founder & CEO, DriveItAway Holdings Inc.

DriveItAway Holdings Inc.创始人兼首席执行官约翰·F·波斯马托表示:“我们很高兴能在IC@3401加入费城最大的投资初创企业社区,这是一个经过审查的、多样化的、相互关联的专家、投资者和资源社区。”

PHILADELPHIA, July 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DriveItAway Holdings, Inc. ("DriveItAway") (OTCQB: CLCN), the industry leader in automotive dealer new mobility platforms with its revolutionary subscription to purchase technology, founded by serial auto retail entrepreneur John F. Possumato, announced today that it has officially become part Philadelphia's growing Innovation District in University City, by moving its headquarters to ic@3401. A partnership between the University City Science Center and Drexel University, ic@3401, is a shared workspace and incubator built around a culture of inclusion, innovation and entrepreneurship, bringing the financial, educational, and human talent focused to rapidly scaling enterprises.

费城,2022年7月21日(环球社)--由连续汽车零售企业家John F.PosSumato创立的汽车经销商新移动平台的行业领先企业DriveItAway Holdings,Inc.(“DriveItAway”)(OTCQB:CLCN)今天宣布,通过将总部迁至ic@3401,它已正式成为费城不断增长的大学城创新区的一部分。大学城科学中心和德雷克塞尔大学的合作伙伴ic@3401是一个共享的工作空间和孵化器,围绕包容、创新和创业的文化构建,将金融、教育和人才集中到快速扩张的企业。

"Entrepreneurship began for me in Philadelphia's University City, when I enrolled in my first entrepreneurial management class at Wharton a long time ago," says John F. Possumato, Founder & CEO at DriveItAway, "and all the years since, I've been in awe of the innovation, resources and growth of the greater University City Science Center community, dedicated to nurturing inclusive new innovation and entrepreneurship, in helping all to scale rapidly and successfully, culminating in things like the creation of the ic@3401 culture and community. Our company culture and mission, fit perfectly within this environment, and we are delighted at this stage of our growth, to join Philadelphia's largest community of funded, early-stage, startups at ic@3401, a vetted, diverse, interconnected community of experts, investors and resources."


"ic@3401 was created to nurture an inclusive culture, where all in our community, partners, experts, and investors offer resources and support to each other, in leading innovation and scaling new businesses," says Eamon Gallagher, Senior Director of Commercialization at the University City Science Center. "We look forward to DriveItAway being part of our community, and support their sustainability initiatives, and working with them to enable rapid national expansion."


The DriveItAway Program is for manufacturers, car dealers and consumers, as it enables all consumers, regardless of credit score or cash down payment, to drive and buy the vehicle of his/her choice.


The DriveItAway program provides new EV manufacturers and legacy OEMs a new distribution channel for their vehicles, as it provides an "infinite test drive" to a full range of consumers, from entry level to luxury buyers, to satisfy a market that is "EV curious" but does not want to make an immediate commitment to purchase. The driver has the right, but not the obligation, to buy the vehicle he or she is driving, with money paid in, given back as a bonus coupon towards the purchase. In this way, the DriveItAway Program it enables all consumers, regardless of credit score or cash down payment, to drive and buy the vehicle of his/her choice.


DriveItAway's EV subscription program, is now starting in the greater Philadelphia/New Jersey area with General Motors Bolt/Bolt EUVs, and Polestar 2 vehicles, but will soon offer a full range of EVs, including Nissan Leafs and even Ford Escape Plug In Hybrids, throughout the United States. DriveItAway's unique 'EVs for Everyone' program is the perfect "vehicle" to reduce the barriers to EV adoption for all drivers, perfect for people who are interested in an EV, but are put off by the higher initial cost as compared to a gas vehicle or are concerned about suitability and range anxiety.

DriveItAway的电动汽车订阅计划目前正在费城/新泽西地区启动,包括通用汽车Bolt/Bolt EUV和Polestar 2汽车,但很快将在全美提供全方位的电动汽车,包括日产Leaf甚至福特Escape插电式混合动力车。DriveItAway独特的‘EVS for Everyone’计划是降低所有驾驶者采用电动汽车门槛的完美“工具”,非常适合那些对电动汽车感兴趣、但因初始成本高于汽油车或担心适宜性和里程焦虑而犹豫不决的人。

About DriveItAway


DriveItAway is the first national dealer focused mobility platform that enables car dealers to sell more vehicles in a seamless way through eCommerce, with its exclusive "Pay as You Go" app-based subscription. DriveItAway provides a comprehensive turn-key, solutions driven program with proprietary mobile technology and driver app, insurance coverages and training to get dealerships up and running quickly and profitably in emerging online sales opportunities. The company is now introducing its 'subscription to ownership' platform to enable all consumers to drive and acquire new Electric Vehicles with its "EVs for Everyone" initiative.  For further information, please see .


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