Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: ensure the stable and smooth supply chain of key industries and the normal production and operation of enterprises, and grasp the "whitelist" system.

工業和信息化部 ·  04/18/2022 16:39

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On the morning of April 18, after the national teleconference on ensuring the smooth flow of logistics and promoting the stability of the industrial chain supply chain, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology immediately took action to organize and convey the spirit of the meeting. It is required to unify thoughts and actions with the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and conscientiously implement the work requirements of "people's livelihood should be supported at the bottom, freight transportation should be smooth, and industry should be recycled." Refine and implement various measures to ensure the stability and smooth flow of the key industrial chain supply chain and the normal production and operation of enterprises.

Grasp the "whitelist" system of key industrial chain supply chainWe will establish a daily dispatching mechanism for leading enterprises in key industrial chains such as automobiles, integrated circuits, consumer electronics, equipment manufacturing, agricultural materials, food, and medicine, give full play to the role of a platform for smooth coordination of the industrial chain supply chain, and strengthen coordination between the front and rear and the connection between upstream and downstream. Strengthen the linkage between ministries and provinces to ensure the stable production of key enterprises and the smooth operation of key industrial chains. Persist in treating all kinds of enterprises equally and give support and assistance. Give full play to the role of the front working group, distinguish priorities, adhere to the easy before the difficult, and actively, steadily and orderly promote the resumption of work and production in key enterprises. Expand the scope of the "whitelist", guide local industrial and information departments to refine the guidelines for epidemic prevention and control of industrial enterprises, and organize production in accordance with "one enterprise, one policy" and "one garden, one policy" to ensure smooth logistics.

Strengthen the accurate support of big data for smooth logisticsOptimize the communication itinerary card service, work with the local joint prevention and control mechanism to improve the "whitelist" management mechanism, and provide convenient, efficient and standardized communication itinerary information services to the relevant freight drivers and passengers who have been examined and confirmed by the joint prevention and control mechanisms at and above the prefecture level, to help ensure the smooth passage of important materials freight vehicles and drivers and passengers during the epidemic prevention and control period.

Implement the policy of helping small and medium-sized enterprisesWe will make good use of re-loans for scientific and technological innovation and in the field of transportation and logistics, support the financing of supply chain enterprises in key industrial chains, and help small and medium-sized enterprises in transportation, logistics and warehousing to ease their financial pressure. We will thoroughly carry out a series of special actions to provide services for small and medium-sized enterprises, prevent and resolve account arrears of small and medium-sized enterprises, and control arbitrary charges related to enterprises, and encourage all localities to strengthen the cultivation of "specialized and special new" enterprises. cultivate a number of characteristic industrial clusters of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Ensure the supply of key medical materials and daily necessitiesDaily production scheduling and supply support for nucleic acid testing and antigen testing reagents, vaccines, key drugs, medical equipment, etc., and touch and arrange the medical equipment needed for the construction of square cabins and isolation facilities. Docking demand on a daily basis to ensure stable production and adequate supply. Strengthen the operation monitoring and service of infant formula milk powder, help infant milk powder enterprises coordinate and solve the problem of product logistics and transportation, organize production enterprises to mobilize their own and cooperative units to ensure supply, and effectively protect the basic living needs of residents.

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