Ghosn emptied Nissan shares: "I am no longer a shareholder, thank God!"

新浪美股 ·  09/24/2021 12:43

AutomobileFormer chairman Carlos Ghosn said this week that he was no longer a shareholder in Nissan and was eager to quit at Renault.Shares of the company.

In a chapter devoted to defending his salary, Mr Ghosn said he insisted on holding shares in Nissan and Renault after his arrest in November 2018, when his memoir was first published in French 11 months ago. to show his loyalty and confidence in these companies.

But since the book was published, he has become more pessimistic about the prospects of the two carmakers. "I am no longer a shareholder of Nissan, thank God," he said in a video interview on Wednesday. " Ghosn has been living in Beirut since he fled Japan at the end of 2019 to avoid trial on various financial misconduct charges.

The former chairman of the Renault-Nissan alliance said the alliance was "doomed to failure" because of the ongoing power struggle.

He still owns some shares in Renault, which the French government confiscated in an ongoing tax investigation, which are still in Mr Ghosn's name but cannot be sold.

"it's not because I trust [Renault] management, I don't," Ghosn said. This is because I have no choice. "

The combined market value of Renault and Nissan has fallen by nearly $30 billion since Mr Ghosn was arrested nearly three years ago.

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