Saudi Aramco is allegedly considering opening a $110 billion gas project to foreign investors

新浪美股 ·  09/09/2021 23:49

People familiar with the matter revealed that Saudi Aramco is considering a bold move to open one of the world's largest unconventional gas fields to overseas investors, thereby raising capital for this $110 billion project and helping it diversify its revenue.

People familiar with the matter said the state-owned oil producer is working with a consulting firm to explore the introduction of new equity or debt investments for its huge Jafurah gas field and has begun preliminary negotiations with potential investors, including large commodity traders. Since the information was not made public, people familiar with the matter requested anonymity.

According to the person familiar with the matter mentioned above, the considerations are still in the early stages, and Saudi Aramco may also decide to raise funds in other ways to fund the Jafurah project.

A Saudi Aramco representative declined to comment.

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