亚马逊发布两款电视 10月上市起售价370美元

Amazon.Com Inc released two televisions with a starting price of $370 in October.

品玩 ·  09/09/2021 23:14

Product play on Sept. 9, Amazon.Com IncTwo televisions were released today, the first time Amazon.Com Inc has postponed his own-brand TV, which will go on sale next month. The two televisions are Amazon Fire TV Omni Series and Amazon Fire TV 4 Series, and each version is divided into different screen sizes, all supporting 4K video.Next month, these televisions will go through Amazon.Com Inc's website andBest Buy(Best Buy) sales.

Among them, the Fire TV 4 Series is an economical version, with a starting price of $369.99 and a maximum price of $519.99. The Fire TV Omni Series is a high-end model with a starting price of $409.99 and a maximum price of $1099.99.

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