Diversity Lending Program Helps Entrepreneur Grow Business, Hire More Employees

Diversity Lending Program Helps Entrepreneur Grow Business, Hire More Employees

Accesswire ·  06/18 21:45

Arkansas-based TechKnow 123 owner has gone from one employee to 10 with help from the U.S. Bank program


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NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / June 18, 2024 / For more than a dozen years, Kashif Kincaid ran his company as a mom-and-pop operation and bought supplies with his personal credit cards. He dreamed about growing the business, hiring more employees and expanding his offerings, but ran into a series of roadblocks when it came to getting financing.

北安普頓,馬薩諸塞州/ACCESSWIRE/2024年6月18日/十多年來,Kashif Kincaid將其公司視爲一個家庭企業,並使用個人信用卡購買用品。他的夢想是發展業務,僱傭更多員工和擴展產品,但在獲得融資方面遇到了一連串的障礙。

TechKnow 123 owner Kashif Kincaid, left, worked with U.S. Bank branch manager Ramone Davis and others to secure funding to help his business grow.
TechKnow123的老闆Kashif Kincaid(左)與美國銀行分行經理Ramone Davis和其他人合作,獲得資金幫助企業成長。

"I was defeated for the longest time," said Kincaid, who owns TechKnow 123, which provides IT services in Monticello, Arkansas.

“我最長時間都覺得失敗了, “Kincaid說。”他擁有位於阿肯色州蒙蒂塞洛的提供IT服務的TechKnow123。“

"I couldn't understand how I could go to my local banks and get loans for boats, four-wheelers or personal loans, but none of them would approve financing for my dream and my passion," he said.


"I checked all the boxes of having good credit, owning material items, having paid personal loans off early and being able to show my company was a legit operation with years of revenue and profits, but multiple local banks said no," Kincaid said. "For the longest time, it made me feel like we would just stay a mom-and-pop shop and that's where my dream would end."


Through a mutual friend, Kincaid met Ramone Davis, who manages the U.S. Bank branch in Little Rock. Davis introduced Kincaid to Cassandra Kidd, a U.S. Bank Business Access Advisor who specializes in helping underserved business owners.

通過一個共同的朋友,Kincaid遇到了U.S.Bank Little Rock分行的經理Ramone Davis。Davis向Kincaid介紹了Cassandra Kidd,她是美國銀行的商務訪問顧問,專門幫助未得到服務的企業主。“Kidd說:”Kashif是我上任後第二個我交流的人,他很好合作。“Kidd幫助Kincaid獲得通過該行的“Business Diversity Lending Program”獲得融資的批准,這是一項專門爲少數民族、女性和退伍軍人所擁有的企業提供的信用計劃,旨在幫助他們成長和繁榮。

"Kashif was the second person I talked to when I started the role," Kidd said. "He's been great to work with."


Kidd helped Kincaid get approved for financing through the bank's Business Diversity Lending Program, a special purpose credit program that provides credit and financing designed to help minority-, women- and veteran-owned businesses grow and thrive.

Kidd幫助Kincaid獲得通過該行的“Business Diversity Lending Program”獲得融資的批准,這是一項專門爲少數民族、女性和退伍軍人所擁有的企業提供的信用計劃,旨在幫助他們成長和繁榮。Kidd幫助Kincaid獲得通過該行的“Business Diversity Lending Program”獲得融資的批准,這是一項專門爲少數民族、女性和退伍軍人所擁有的企業提供的信用計劃,旨在幫助他們成長和繁榮。Kidd幫助Kincaid獲得通過該行的“Business Diversity Lending Program”獲得融資的批准,這是一項專門爲少數民族、女性和退伍軍人所擁有的企業提供的信用計劃,旨在幫助他們成長和繁榮。

Kincaid was able to establish a line of credit, buy three vehicles for his business and open business credit cards in the company's name so he could stop using his personal cards.


"That gave me the freedom to grow," he said. "I've gone from having one employee to having more than 10 full-time staff."


Kincaid said he has expanded TechKnow 123 to provide additional services, including audio and video installation, smart home installation, website and graphic design, phone system installation and upgrades, custom audio/video systems, access control systems, security systems and more.


"We are a one-stop shop," he said. "U.S. Bank helped us have the financial freedom to hire more people and provide professional development training, and the buying power to handle large projects."


Heather Kesner, leader of the U.S. Bank branch and small business region that includes Arkansas, said the Business Access Advisor program is helping a number of underserved business owners like Kincaid.

愛荷華州銀行和中部地區的小企業團隊領導Heather Kesner表示,Business Access Advisor計劃正在幫助許多像Kincaid這樣的未得服務的企業主。

"Inclusive growth is central to our long-term approach to help close the wealth gap," Kesner said. "Our Business Diversity Lending program, Business Access Advisors and broader branch team are making a difference for business owners in central Arkansas. And by helping them grow their businesses, it enables them to create jobs and improve their communities in other ways."

Kesner說:“包容性增長是我們長期幫助彌合財富差距的方法的核心。”我們的Business Diversity Lending計劃、Business Access Advisors以及更廣泛的分行團隊正在爲中阿肯色州的企業主做出貢獻。幫助他們發展業務,使他們能夠創造就業機會並以其他方式改善社區。“

While Little Rock is 90 miles from Monticello, Kincaid said it's worth the trip to work with U.S. Bank.


"Ramone and Cassandra helped me see outside the bubble I'd been in," Kincaid said. "Being able to meet with people in upper positions who shared my culture helped me become more comfortable in asking questions I didn't know the answers to. They took the time to educate me because they cared, and they provided me with the tools and education to do my part so U.S. Bank could do their part and help me grow my dream. It gives me hope for the next generation that lending can be available for everyone."

“Ramone和Cassandra幫助我看到了我所處的那個範圍之外,” Kincaid表示。“能夠與在高層職位上的有與我一樣文化背景的人見面,幫助我更自信地詢問我不知道答案的問題。他們花時間教育我,因爲他們關心我,他們爲我提供了工具和教育來做好自己的部分,以便美國銀行能夠做好自己的部分並幫助我實現夢想。這讓我對下一代有了希望,借貸可爲每個人提供可獲得的選擇。”

With TechKnow 123 growing, Kincaid said he has created a nonprofit to provide children in his community with somewhere to receive workforce development assistance in a safe space with no labels attached.

隨着TechKnow 123的發展,Kincaid說他已經創建了一個非營利組織,爲他的社區的兒童提供一個安全的空間,在那裏他們能夠得到職場發展援助而不用擔心被貼上標籤。

"I came from nothing," he said. "I had a dream and a vision, but I had every reason to not keep going, so that's where my nonprofit came from, to give back to my community and show that you don't have to play sports to get out of your neighborhood."


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