Michael Dell Says Generative AI Tech Wave Sweeping In Much Faster Than Early Internet: 'It's Happening Maybe 10 Times Faster'

Michael Dell Says Generative AI Tech Wave Sweeping In Much Faster Than Early Internet: 'It's Happening Maybe 10 Times Faster'

Benzinga ·  06/18 10:15

Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Inc. (NYSE:DELL), compared the impact of generative AI to other significant technological advancements on Monday.

戴爾公司首席執行官邁克爾·戴爾(Michael Dell)於週一在CNBC節目中將生成式人工智能的影響與其他重大技術進步進行了比較。

What Happened: While appearing on a CNBC segment, Dell equated the rise of AI to other major technological waves saying, "It certainly is as big as any of the other big waves." When asked if it is bigger, the CEO said there's a possibility of AI surpassing other tech developments.


He went on to draw parallels between the current AI boom and the internet's rise in the mid-1990s, noting that AI's adoption is happening at a much faster pace.

他進一步將當前AI熱潮與20世紀90年代互聯網的發展相類比,並指出,AI的採用速度要快得多。 “現在全世界50億人幾乎瞬間就能接觸到AI,”他說。

"When I think about the internet, which is, you know, go back to the mid-1990s, it kind of feels like that, except it's happening maybe 10 times faster. Because now five billion people kind of instantly have access to AI," he stated.


Dell also highlighted the vast amount of data and computing power available today, which is being rapidly leveraged worldwide. "That's why you see companies investing heavily to create this opportunity," he concluded.


Dell CEO Michael Dell discusses how generative AI compares to other technology developments.

— CNBC (@CNBC) June 17, 2024


— CNBC (@CNBC) 2024年6月17日

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Why It Matters: Dell's comments come amid a series of significant events related to the company's AI initiatives. Last month, Dell announced its partnership with Nvidia Corporation. At the time, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang highlighted the importance of the company's partnership with Dell in expanding the reach of its AI technology.


"We want to bring this generative AI capability to every company in the world," he said then, adding, "It's not about just delivering a box — it's about delivering an entire infrastructure. It's an infrastructure that's insanely complicated."

“我們希望將這種生成式人工智能能力帶給世界上每一家公司,”他當時說道,並補充道:“這不僅僅是交付一個盒子 - 這是交付整個基礎設施,這是一個非常複雜的基礎設施。”

Later that month, Dell reported a 6% year-over-year increase in its fiscal first-quarter revenue, beating the consensus estimate of $21.67 billion, according to Benzinga Pro. The company also reported adjusted earnings of $1.27 per share, surpassing analyst expectations of $1.26 per share.

當月晚些時候,根據Benzinga Pro的數據,戴爾報告其財政第一季度營業收入同比增長6%,超過了21.67億美元的共識預期。該公司還報告了每股調整後的盈利1.27美元,超過了分析師的預期1.26美元。

Earlier this month, it was reported that the CEO plans to sell 10 million shares valued at approximately $1.3 billion. This move was seen as a sign of his confidence in the company's AI-driven future.


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