Why Agriforce Stock Is Up

Why Agriforce Stock Is Up

Benzinga ·  06/17 21:50

AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ:AGRI) shares are trading higher Monday after the company announced a $1 million share repurchase program.

週一,AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ:AGRI) 股票上漲,公司宣佈了一項100萬美元的股份回購計劃。

The Details:


Agriforce said its board of directors has authorized a share repurchase program under which the company may repurchase up to $1 million of its outstanding common shares for a period of six months. Agriforce's board will periodically review the program which could be extended or increased.


Last week, the company announced it received a patent for its Automated Growing Systems which covers moving production lines of either plants or flowers within a growing facility through the use of conveyor belts and other methods.


"This patent adds dynamic value to our ever-expanding portfolio of patented technology aimed at innovating agribusiness," commented Jolie Kahn, Agriforce's executive turnaround consultant.

Agriforce的執行重組顧問Jolie Kahn評論道:“該專利爲我們不斷擴大的專利技術組合增加了動態價值,這些技術旨在推動農業企業的創新。”

"We remain committed to exploring new opportunities to empower farmers and agribusinesses to maximize their market position and build long-term shareholder value for our stakeholders."


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Agriforce shares are moving on heavy trading volume following the share repurchase program announcement with more than 45 million shares changing hands before the opening bell, according to data from Benzinga Pro.

據Benzinga Pro的數據顯示,隨着股票回購計劃的宣佈,Agriforce的股份交易量大增,開盤前股票交易量超過4500萬股。.

Is AGRI A Good Stock To Buy?


An investor can make a few decisions when deciding whether a stock is a good buy. In addition to valuation metrics and price action which you can find on Benzinga's quote pages – like AgriFORCE Growing Systems' page for example – there are factors like whether or not a company pays a dividend or buys a large portion of its stock each quarter.


These are known as capital allocation programs. Agriforce Growing Systems does not pay a dividend, but obviously has a few ways it can return value to shareholders. Feel free to search Benzinga's dividend calendar for the next company that is due to pay a dividend and determine what kind of yield you can earn for holding a share of the company.

這些因素被稱爲資本分配計劃。Agriforce Growing Systems不支付股息,但顯然有幾種方法可以爲股東回報價值。請隨時搜索Benzinga的股息日曆,查找即將支付股息的下一家公司,並確定持有該公司股份可以獲得什麼樣的收益率。

For example, if you're looking to earn an annualized return of 14.48%, you'll need to buy a share of Ready Capital by June 28, 2024. Once done, you can expect to receive a nominal payout of $0.30 on July 31, 2024.

例如,如果您想獲得14.48%的年化收益率,則需要在2024年6月28日之前買入Ready Capital的股份。完成後,您可以期望在2024年7月31日獲得0.30美元的名義賠付。

Buyback programs are obviously different and highly variable. A company can approve a buyback program and purchase shares as it sees fit over the course of time in which the buyback was authorized. Looking through the latest news on AgriFORCE Growing Systems will often yield whether or not the company has approved a buyback program recently. Buyback programs usually serve as a support for share prices, serving as a backstop for demand.

股票回購計劃顯然是不同且高度可變的。公司可以批准一項股票回購計劃,並根據批准的時間段自行購買股票。查看AgriFORCE Growing Systems的最新消息通常會顯示該公司是否最近批准了股票回購計劃。股票回購計劃通常作爲股價的支撐,爲需求提供了後盾。

AGRI Price Action: According to Benzinga Pro, Agriforce shares are up 17% at 9 cents at the time of publication Monday.

據Benzinga Pro的數據顯示,發佈時間爲週一,Agriforce的股票上漲了17%,至0.9美分。

Image: Jatuphon Buraphon from Pixabay

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