Jim Cramer Says He's 'Going To Have To Wait' On SoFi, But Recommends This 'Great Little Industrial Company'

Jim Cramer Says He's 'Going To Have To Wait' On SoFi, But Recommends This 'Great Little Industrial Company'

Benzinga ·  06/17 20:39

On CNBC's "Mad Money Lightning Round," Jim Cramer said he still can't recommend Twilio (NASDAQ:TWLO).

在CNBC的“瘋狂的錢閃電回合”節目中,吉姆·克萊默表示他仍然不能推薦Twilio (NASDAQ:TWLO)股票。

On June 14, Morgan Stanley downgraded the stock from Overweight to Equal-Weight and lowered its price target from $70 to $60.


Cramer said Vistra Corp. (NYSE:VST) is a "momentum stock, and momentum stocks can't really withstand that kind of drop. That said, I do think that it's the sweet spot of the energy market." The "Mad Money" host said he prefers Constellation Energy Corporation (NASDAQ:CEG).


On May 30, Vistra announced plans to add up to 2,000 megawatts of dispatchable, natural-gas-fueled power capacity in West, Central, and North Texas.


When asked about Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ:NVAX), he said, "Anything Covid is not really making a lot of money for people. I do believe that that was a very lucky break for them, but it's not going to get me into that stock."


On June 14, Novavax submitted application to the FDA for updated protein-based 2024-2025 formula COVID-19 vaccine.


Cramer recommended buying H.B. Fuller Company (NYSE:FUL). "It's a great little industrial company," he noted.


H.B. Fuller is expected to report its financial results for the three-month fiscal period ended June 1, after the closing bell on June 26.


Cramer recommended staying away from Unity Software Inc. (NYSE:U). "That is just a falling knife," he added.

克萊默建議遠離Unity Software股票 (NYSE:U)。他補充說:“這只是一把下跌的刀子。”

On June 10, Stifel analyst Parker Lane maintained Unity Software with a Buy and lowered the price target from $30 to $25.

6月10日,Stifel分析師Parker Lane維持買入Unity Software,並將目標價格從30美元下調至25美元。

When asked about SoFi Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:SOFI), he said, "Right now, that last quarter was not great. I just didn't like it. And I'm going to have to wait."

當被問及SoFi Technologies股票 (NASDAQ:SOFI)時,他說:“現在,上季度並不好。我不喜歡那個。我需要等待。”

On June 3, SoFi Technologies announced the appointment of Stephen Simcock as general counsel.

6月3日,SoFi Technologies宣佈任命Stephen Simcock爲總法律顧問。

Cramer said he doesn't know about Ardagh Metal Packaging S.A. (NYSE:AMBP).

克萊默表示他不了解Ardagh Metal Packaging S.A.的股票(NYSE:AMBP)。

On April 25, Ardagh Metal Packaging reported better-than-expected first-quarter adjusted EPS results.

4月25日,Ardagh Metal Packaging報告了超預期的第一季度調整後每股收益(每股收益)結果。

Price Action:


  • Twilio shares fell 2.6% to settle at $54.24 on Friday.
  • Vistra shares fell 0.9% to close at $87.59 during Friday's session.
  • Novavax shares dipped 4.3% to close at $14.40.
  • H.B. Fuller shares fell 1.5% to close at $77.38 on Friday.
  • Unity Software shares fell 2.3% to close at $16.40 on Friday.
  • Ardagh Metal Packaging shares closed at $3.72 on Friday.
  • SoFi shares fell 5% to close at $6.46 on Friday.
  • 週五,Twilio股價下跌2.6%,收於54.24美元。
  • 週五,Vistra股價下跌0.9%,收於87.59美元。
  • 週五,Novavax股價下跌4.3%,收於14.40美元。
  • 週五,H.B. Fuller股價下跌1.5%,收於77.38美元。
  • 週五,Unity Software股價下跌2.3%,收於16.40美元。
  • 週五,ArdaghMetal Packaging股價收於3.72美元。
  • 週五,SoFi股價下跌5%,收盤價爲6.46美元。

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: shutterstock