Investing and Volunteering: Regions Celebration Week Supports Small Business

Investing and Volunteering: Regions Celebration Week Supports Small Business

Accesswire ·  06/13 22:15

Regions gives $49,000 to support Central Florida entrepreneurs.


By Nestor Mato

作者Nestor Mato

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / June 13, 2024 / Investing. Volunteering. Celebrating.

馬薩諸塞州諾斯安普頓 / ACCESSWIRE / 2024年6月13日 / 投資。志願服務。慶祝。

The Regions Big Bike rode into Central Florida as part of Regions Celebration Week. The five-day event included community volunteering and financial contributions to community partners.

Regions Big Bike在慶祝週期間來到了中佛羅里達。這個爲期五天的活動包括社區志願服務和向社區合作伙伴的財務捐助。

Investing in Entrepreneurs


"The message to entrepreneurs is there are people and organizations ready to invest in your success," said Chris Hurst, Orlando market executive for Regions Bank.

Regions Bank的奧蘭多市市場執行官克里斯·赫斯特表示:“對於創業者而言,這樣的消息是,已經有人和組織準備投資你們的成功了。”

Regions Bank believes in small businesses. That is why we supported the following organizations that are making a real difference:

Regions Bank相信小企業。這就是爲什麼我們支持以下正在發揮實際作用的組織:

  • $20,000 to help fund the National Entrepreneur Center (NEC). NEC strengthens entrepreneurs through essential resources, expertise, and specialized programs along with a dynamic network of 19 resource partners and initiatives. The focus is to identify and meet the needs of entrepreneurs in our community and set them up for success.
  • 20000美元支持國家創業中心(NEC)的基金。NEC通過基本資源、專業知識和專門計劃以及一個包括19個資源合作伙伴和計劃的動態網絡,增強企業家的能力。重點是識別和滿足社區企業家的需求,併爲他們的成功做好準備。

"These funds will fuel tailored programs, from strategic planning to financial literacy and beyond. We will also develop customized workshops to guide aspiring entrepreneurs, to empower them for economic growth," said Belinda Kirkegard, president for NEC. "Support like that from Regions Bank is transformative because it enables us to innovate and expand services for Central Florida's entrepreneurs."

NEC總裁貝琳達·柿子表示:“這些資金將支持量身定製的計劃,從戰略規劃到財務素養以及更多內容。我們還將開展定製的研討會,指導有志創業的人,爲他們的經濟增長提供支持。像Regions Bank這樣的支持是變革性的,因爲它使我們能夠創新並擴大中佛羅里達的企業家服務。”

  • $13,000 grant to support the African American Chamber of Commerce Central Florida. The organization is a principal advocate and leader in fostering economic success for African American-owned businesses and the African American business community in Central Florida. The Chamber represents nearly 1,000 members from various industries in six counties. The contribution will help foster a space to drive growth and strengthen networks.
  • $10,000 to help fund the Hispanic Chamber of Metro Orlando. The Hispanic Chamber's goal is to drive economic growth by strengthening Hispanic business in Central Florida. Through the three pillars of Commerce, Coaching, and Community Building, it provides resources, advocacy, seminar sessions, and networking opportunities to help business owners and professionals thrive within the local economy.
  • 13000美元的撥款支持佛羅里達中央地區的非裔美國商會。該組織是促進非裔美國人擁有企業成功和在中佛羅里達的非裔美國商業社區中處於領導地位的主要倡導者。商會代表來自六個縣的各個行業的近1000名成員。這筆資金將有助於促進推動增長和加強網絡的空間。
  • 10000美元的撥款,以幫助資助奧蘭多都會區的西班牙裔商會。西班牙商會的目標是通過加強中佛羅里達的西班牙裔企業,推動經濟增長。通過商務、輔導和社區建設三個支柱,它提供資源、倡導、研討會和網絡機會,幫助企業主和專業人士在當地經濟中蓬勃發展。

"Starting a small business is part of the American dream, and when companies have the right tools for success, the local economy also benefits," said Hurst. "Both the Hispanic and African American Chambers are committed to further empowering our diverse community, and we are proud to support the work being done to create more inclusive prosperity."


  • $6,000 for the Hispanic Heritage Scholarship Fund (HHSF). The Scholarship Fund is dedicated to investing in the college education of Hispanic/Latino students in Central Florida. The scholarships, student workshops and events are designed to help students earn their bachelor's degrees and develop critical life skills. This investment also promotes the development of a vibrant and diverse workforce.
  • 6000美元支持西班牙遺產獎學金基金(HHSF)。該獎學金基金致力於投資佛羅里達中部地區的西班牙裔/拉丁裔學生的大學教育。這些獎學金、學生研討會和活動旨在幫助學生獲得學士學位並發展關鍵的生活技能。這項投資還促進了充滿活力和多樣化的勞動力的發展。

"Together, we can empower and inspire the next generation of leaders, innovators, and changemakers. This contribution by Regions will support their academic journey and instill a sense of possibility for a brighter future," said Carolin Requiz Smith, executive director for HHSF. "Regions team members are also fully invested in the organization by providing their expertise, time and talent to support workshops, events, and more."


Value in Volunteering


As part of Celebration Week, Regions Bank associates also volunteered at 4Roots in Orlando. A customer of Regions since its founding in 2015, 4Roots has been dedicated to unearthing the power of food to build healthier communities. 4Roots works to educate and engage the community about sustainable food systems, striving to restore the balance between people and the planet.Regions Bank volunteers lent their support to 4Roots' Greenhouse and Food Forest. The Greenhouse, a state-of-the-art facility featuring nine different growing systems, saw our associates help with tasks from seed planting to seedling transfer and area cleanup. At the 4Roots' Food Forest, a quarter-mile walking path with over 75 edible species, the team participated in planting various species and tidying up the planting areas.

作爲慶祝周的一部分,Regions Bank的員工還在奧蘭多的4Roots志願服務。4Roots自2015年成立以來一直是Regions的客戶,致力於挖掘食品的力量,建立更健康的社區。4Roots的目標是教育和鼓勵社區參與可持續的食品系統,努力恢復人與地球之間的平衡。Regions Bank的志願者爲4Roots的溫室和食品森林提供了支持。這個最先進的設施有九種不同的生長系統,在種植從種子到幼苗轉移以及區域清理的任務中,我們的員工給予了幫助。在4Roots的食品森林裏,有一個四分之一英里的步行路徑,有75多種可食用的品種,團隊參加了種植各種植物的活動並清理種植區。

Regions' efforts advanced the development of 4Roots' Farm Campus. These resources serve as valuable educational opportunities for neighboring schools and universities, fostering a deeper understanding of sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices.

Tommy Ward, 4Roots' Executive Director

Regions的努力推進了4Roots Farm Campus的發展。這些資源爲周邊的學校和大學提供了有價值的教育機會,促進了可持續和再生農業實踐的更深入理解。


"Regions' efforts advanced the development of 4Roots' Farm Campus. The tasks help cultivate healthy, nutrient-dense produce for the local community," said Tommy Ward, 4Roots' Executive Director. "These resources serve as valuable educational opportunities for neighboring schools and universities, fostering a deeper understanding of sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices."

4Roots的執行董事湯米·沃德表示:“Regions的努力推進了4Roots農場園區的發展。這些任務有助於爲當地社區培養健康、富含營養的農產品。” “這些資源爲周邊的學校和大學提供了有價值的教育機會,促進了可持續和再生農業實踐的更深入理解。”

Regions Bank also gave back to first responders, healthcare heroes, and the community. Associates gave out lunch to firefighters at the Windermere Fire Station, teachers and staff at Hamlin Elementary School in Winter Garden and workers at the Orlando Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Meals were also served at the Samaritan Resource Center, where the staff works to help break the cycle of homelessness and poverty in East Orange County.


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