Why Broadcom Shares Are Trading Higher By Over 13%; Here Are 20 Stocks Moving Premarket

Why Broadcom Shares Are Trading Higher By Over 13%; Here Are 20 Stocks Moving Premarket

Benzinga ·  06/13 20:16

Shares of Broadcom Inc. (NASDAQ:AVGO) rose sharply in today's pre-market trading after the company posted stronger-than-expected results for its second quarter.


The company declared a quarterly dividend of $5.25 per share and also announced a 10-for-1 forward stock split. Broadcom boosted its fiscal year 2024 revenue guidance to approximately $51 billion, up from approximately $50 billion.


Broadcom shares surged 13.5% to $1,698.20 in the pre-market trading session.


Here are some other stocks moving in pre-market trading.




  • Neo-Concept International Group Holdings Limited (NASDAQ:NCI) rose 79.3% to $1.17 in pre-market trading.
  • Fangdd Network Group Ltd. (NASDAQ:DUO) shares rose 36.9% to $0.8350 in pre-market trading after surging 5% on Wednesday.
  • Grupo Supervielle S.A. (NYSE:SUPV) gained 22.7% to $8.05 in pre-market trading after rising 6% on Wednesday.
  • Molecular Partners AG (NASDAQ:MOLN) gained 22.1% to $7.08 in pre-market trading after gaining 16% on Wednesday. Molecular Partners recently announced the debut of their lead Raido-DARPin therapy candidate MP0712, targeting DLL3.
  • Longeveron Inc. (NASDAQ:LGVN) shares climbed 16% to $2.10 in pre-market trading. Longeveron shares jumped over 120% on Wednesday following the circulation of a Zacks Small Cap Research note valuing the stock at $15.10 per share.
  • Aethlon Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ:AEMD) shares gained 15.3% to $0.6025 in pre-market trading after falling 5% on Wednesday.
  • CaliberCos Inc (NASDAQ:CWD) rose 11.5% to $1.07 in pre-market trading.
  • TRACON Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:TCON) shares rose 10% to $1.10 in pre-market trading after falling 7% on Wednesday. TRACON Pharmaceuticals recently announced publication of Phase 2 clinical data for TRC102 in patients with glioblastoma in clinical cancer research.
  • Vista Energy, S.A.B. de C.V. (NYSE:VIST) shares rose 7.1% to $47.18 in pre-market trading.
  • Neo小蟻國際集團控股有限公司(NASDAQ:NCI)的股價在美股盤前交易中上漲了79.3%,報1.17美元。
  • 房多多網絡集團有限公司(NASDAQ:DUO)的股價在美股盤前交易中上漲了36.9%,報0.8350美元,週三已經上漲了5%。
  • Grupo Supervielle S.A.(NYSE:SUPV)的股價在美股盤前交易中上漲了22.7%,報8.05美元,週三已經上漲了6%。
  • Molecular Partners AG(NASDAQ:MOLN)的股價在美股盤前交易中上漲了22.1%,報7.08美元,週三已經上漲了16%。Molecular Partners最近宣佈推出了其領先的Raido-DARPin療法候選藥MP0712,針對DLL3。
  • Longeveron Inc.(NASDAQ:LGVN)的股價在美股盤前交易中上漲了16%,報2.10美元。週三,Longeveron股票在Zacks Small Cap Research的一份報告中被估值爲15.10美元/股後一度上漲了120%。
  • Aethlon Medical, Inc.(NASDAQ:AEMD)的股價在美股盤前交易中上漲了15.3%,報0.6025美元。週三下跌了5%。
  • CaliberCos Inc(NASDAQ:CWD)的股價在美股盤前交易中上漲了11.5%,報1.07美元。
  • TRACON Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(NASDAQ:TCON)的股價在美股盤前交易中上漲了10%,報1.10美元。週三下跌了7%。TRACON Pharmaceuticals最近宣佈公佈了TRC102用於患有膠質母細胞瘤患者的II期臨床數據。
  • Vista Energy, S.A.B. de C.V.(NYSE:VIST)的股價在美股盤前交易中上漲了7.1%,報47.18美元。



  • Assure Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ:IONM) shares declined 58.2% to $0.2174 in pre-market trading.
  • DDC Enterprise Limited (NYSE:DDC) shares declined 26% to $1.14 in pre-market trading. DayDayCook shares jumped 198% on Wednesday after the company announced it has acquired Omsom.
  • PainReform Ltd. (NASDAQ:PRFX) shares fell 19.2% to $0.6250 in pre-market trading after surging around 19% on Wednesday.
  • Petros Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:PTPI) shares fell 19% to $0.4358 in pre-market trading after gaining 10% on Wednesday.
  • Meta Data Limited (NYSE:AIU) shares dipped 18.3% to $0.3225 in pre-market trading.
  • J.Jill, Inc. (NYSE:JILL) fell 15.7% to $33.36 in pre-market trading. J.Jill priced its public offering of 2 million common stock at $31 per share.
  • Cara Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:CARA) shares fell 11.7% to $0.60 in pre-market trading. Cara Therapeutics discontinued clinical program for oral difelikefalin in notalgia paresthetica after KOURAGE-1 study showed no meaningful clinical benefit at any dose compared to placebo.
  • Dave & Buster's Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ:PLAY) shares fell 10.6% to $45.03 in pre-market trading after the company posted downbeat results for its first quarter on Wednesday.
  • EpicQuest Education Group International Limited (NASDAQ:EEIQ) shares declined 10% to $0.8292 in pre-market trading.
  • Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:SPCE) shares fell 8.3% to $0.78 in pre-market trading after the company announced it will effect a reverse stock split.
  • Assure Holdings Corp.(NASDAQ:IONM)的股價在美股盤前交易中下跌了58.2%,報0.2174美元。
  • DDC Enterprise Limited(NYSE:DDC)的股價在美股盤前交易中下跌了26%,報1.14美元。週三,DayDayCook股票因宣佈已收購Omsom而上漲了198%。
  • PainReform Ltd.(NASDAQ:PRFX)的股價在美股盤前交易中下跌了19.2%,報0.6250美元。週三上漲了約19%。
  • Petros Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(NASDAQ:PTPI)的股價在美股盤前交易中下跌了19%,報0.4358美元。週三上漲了10%。
  • Meta Data Limited(NYSE:AIU)的股價在美股盤前交易中下跌了18.3%,報0.3225美元。
  • J.Jill, Inc.(NYSE:JILL)的股價在美股盤前交易中下跌了15.7%,報33.36美元。J.Jill把其200萬股普通股公開發行價格定爲每股31美元。
  • Cara Therapeutics Inc(NASDAQ:CARA)的股價在美股盤前交易中下跌了11.7%,報0.60美元。Cara Therapeutics取消了口服difikelfalin用於枕肌感覺異常的臨床項目,因爲KOURAGE-1研究顯示無論劑量如何,都沒有與安慰劑相比有意義的臨床益處。
  • Dave & Buster's Entertainment, Inc.(NASDAQ:PLAY)的股價在美股盤前交易中下跌了10.6%,報45.03美元,因爲該公司週三公佈了不盡人意的第一季度業績。
  • EpicQuest教育集團國際有限公司(納斯達克:EEIQ)股價在美股盤前交易中下跌10%至0.8292美元。
  • 維珍銀河控股股份有限公司(紐交所:SPCE)股價在公司宣佈將實施股票拆分後的美股盤前交易中下跌8.3%至0.78美元。

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