LENZ Therapeutics to Host Key Opinion Leader Event on June 18, 2024

LENZ Therapeutics to Host Key Opinion Leader Event on June 18, 2024

LENZ Therapeutics將於2024年6月18日舉辦關鍵意見領袖活動。
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Capstone data from Phase 3 CLARITY study to be presented

將介紹來自 CLARITY 三期研究的畢業數據。

Event to feature Key Opinion Leader and Principal Investigator perspectives on LNZ100 potential in presbyopia

本次活動將介紹主客觀評估專家和主要研究者對 LNZ100 在老視眼方面的潛在潛力的觀點。

SAN DIEGO, June 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LENZ Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: LENZ or "LENZ" or the "Company"), a late clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing the first aceclidine-based eye drop to improve near vision in people with presbyopia, today announced that the Company will host a Key Opinion Leader ("KOL") event on Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 8:00 a.m. ET.

2024年6月10日,美國納斯達克 (Nasdaq: LENZ 或“LENZ”或“該公司”) 晚期臨床階段生物製藥公司 LENZ Therapeutics, Inc. (LENZ) 集中研發首款基於乙酰膽鹼的眼藥水,以改善老視眼患者的近視,今日宣佈該公司將於美國東部時間 2024年6月18日上午8:00(北京時間晚上8:00)舉辦主客觀評估專家(KOL)交流會。

The event will highlight real-world insights by Key Opinion Leaders and Principal Investigators on the current treatment landscape for presbyopia and their perspectives on LNZ100 data from the Phase 3 CLARITY study. The event will feature presentations by Eef Schimmelpennink, Chief Executive Officer, Marc Odrich, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, and the following guest speakers:

本次活動將重點介紹主客觀評估專家和主要研究者對老視眼目前治療現狀及來自 CLARITY 三期研究的 LNZ100 數據的觀點。本次活動將由首席執行官 Eef Schimmelpennink、首席醫學官 Marc Odrich, M.D. 和以下嘉賓演講:

Jason Bacharach, M.D.
Dr. Bacharach is the Founding Partner as well as Medical & Research Director of North Bay Eye Associates, Inc. He has been a primary investigator in over 200 phase I through IV clinical trials in Ophthalmology. He is the former Chair of the American Academy's Ophthalmic Knowledge Based Panel for Glaucoma and serves as a board examiner for the American Board of Ophthalmology. Lastly, he has been honored with an Achievement Award in 2005 and the Secretariat Award in 2013 from the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Dr. Bacharach was a Principal Investigator in the CLARITY Phase 3 study.

Jason Bacharach博士。
Dr. Bacharach是North Bay眼科醫生聯合創始人及醫學兼研究主任。他是眼科臨床 1 至 IV 期超過 200 次試驗的主要研究員。他是美國眼科學院白內障眼科知識基礎委員會的前任主席,並擔任美國眼科醫學委員會的考官。他在 2005 年獲得成就獎,2013 年獲得美國眼科醫學學會秘書長獎。Bacharach博士也是 CLARITY 三期研究的主要研究員之一。

Marc Bloomenstein, O.D.
Dr. Bloomenstein is the Director of Optometric Services at the Schwartz Laser Eye Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a Chairman of the Education Committee for Vision Expo, AOA CE Committee and served on the board of the Ocular Surface Society of Optometry (OSSO), as well as a founding member of the Optometric Cornea, Cataract, and Refractive Society (OCCRS). Dr. Bloomenstein was a Principal Investigator in the CLARITY Phase 3 study.

Marc Bloomenstein博士。
Dr. Bloomenstein是斯科茨代爾Schwartz 激光視力中心的視光服務主任。他是 Vision Expo教育委員會和 AOA CE 委員會主席,也曾是眼表表面視光學協會(OSSO)的董事會成員和視覺眼底手術的創建成員(OCCRS)。Bloomenstein博士也是 CLARITY 三期研究的主要研究員之一。

Milton Hom, O.D.
Dr. Hom is an internationally recognized expert and researcher in therapeutics, dry eye, presbyopia, contact lenses, and allergy. He is also co-medical director for the multi-site Neurosensory Abnormalities in SymptomAtic Ocular Surface Patients (NASA) study. Dr. Hom has authored 4 books and published over 200 papers and peer-reviewed abstracts. Dr. Hom was a Principal Investigator in the CLARITY Phase 3 study.

Milton Hom博士。
Dr. Hom是國際公認的治療學、乾眼症、老視眼、接觸鏡和過敏研究專家;他也是多個地區的神經感知異常引起的症狀性眼表表面患者的共同醫療主任。Hom博士出版了4本專著,並發表了200多篇論文和同行評審摘要。Hom博士也是 CLARITY 三期研究的主要研究員之一。

A live question and answer session will follow the formal presentations.


A live webcast of the KOL event will be available and those who intend to join virtually can pre-register for the webcast through the link here. Supporting presentation materials will be available on the Events section of the Investor Relations page of the LENZ Therapeutics website at at the time of the live event. An archived replay of the webcast will be available on the Company's website.

本次主客觀評估專家交流會的網絡直播將可供觀看,有意參加虛擬活動的人可以通過此處的鏈接進行預先註冊。在現場直播時,支持性演示資料將在LENZ Therapeutics 網站的投資者關係頁面“活動”中提供。節目歸檔重播也將在該公司的網站上提供。

About LENZ Therapeutics
LENZ Therapeutics is a late clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of the first aceclidine-based eye drop to improve vision in patients with presbyopia. LENZ's product candidate, LNZ100 is a preservative-free, single-use, once-daily eye drop containing aceclidine. LNZ100 was evaluated in the registration-enabling Phase 3 CLARITY study as a potential therapy for the treatment of presbyopia, a condition impacting an estimated 1.8 billion people globally and 128 million people in the United States. LENZ is committed to commercializing an ideal pharmaceutical presbyopia solution that enhances vision for "all eyes, all day." LENZ is headquartered in San Diego, California. For more information, visit:

關於LENZ Therapeutics
LENZ Therapeutics是一家專注於開發和商業化第一種基於乙酰膽鹼的眼藥水,以減輕老視眼患者的視力損失的臨床後期生物製藥公司。LENZ的產品候選者,LNZ100,是一種不含防腐劑、單次使用、每天使用一次的眼藥水,含有乙酰膽鹼。LNZ100在註冊試驗的階段3 CLARITY研究中進行了評估,作爲老視眼治療的潛在療法,該疾病影響全球18億人口和美國的1.28億人口。LENZ致力於推廣一種對於“所有眼睛,每天”的理想藥物老視眼解決方案,並設立總部於加利福尼亞州聖迭戈。有關詳情,請訪問。



Dan Chevallard
LENZ Therapeutics, Inc.

Dan Chevallard
LENZ Therapeutics, Inc.