Why Crown Electrokinetics (CRKN) Shares Are Falling

Why Crown Electrokinetics (CRKN) Shares Are Falling

為何Crown Electrokinetics (CRKN)股票下跌?
Benzinga ·  06/05 23:22

Crown Electrokinetics Corp. (NASDAQ:CRKN) shares are trading lower by 17% to $0.08 during Wednesday's session after the company announced an offering of 300 million shares of its common stock from time to time, by Keystone Capital Partners.

納斯達克股票代碼爲CRKN的Crown Electrokinetics Corp.股票下跌了17%,報價爲0.08美元/股,原因是該公司宣佈從Keystone Capital Partners定期發行3億股普通股。

The company itself is not selling any securities through this prospectus and will not receive any proceeds from the resale of shares by Keystone Capital Partners. However, under the purchase agreement, the company may sell up to $50 million worth of common stock to Keystone Capital Partners.

該公司本身不會通過此招股說明書出售任何證券,並且將不會從Keystone Capital Partners的股票轉售中獲得任何收益。但是,在購買協議下,該公司可以向Keystone Capital Partners出售最多價值5000萬美元的普通股。

So far, $13,672,316 worth of common stock has been sold, and the company may still sell up to an additional $36,327,684 worth of shares, subject to the conditions outlined in the agreement and the effectiveness of the registration statement.


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Should I Sell My CRKN Stock?


When deciding to hold on to or sell a stock, investors should consider their time horizon, unrealized gains and total return.


Shares of Crown ElectroKinetics have decreased by 99.04% in the past year. An investor who bought shares of Crown ElectroKinetics at the beginning of the year would take a loss of $0.07 per share if they sold it today. The stock has risen 84.94% over the past month, meaning an investor who bought shares on May. 1 would see a capital gain of $0.04.

Crown ElectroKinetics的股票去年下降了99.04%。如果投資者在年初購買Crown ElectroKinetics的股票並於今天出售,則會虧損0.07美元/股。該股票在過去一個月上漲了84.94%,這意味着在5月1日購買股票的投資者將獲得0.04美元的資本收益。

Investors may also consider market dynamics. The Relative Strength Index can be used to indicate whether a stock is overbought or oversold. Crown ElectroKinetics stock currently has an RSI of 43.8, indicating neutral conditions.

投資者還應考慮市場動態。相對強弱指數可用於指示股票是否超買或超賣。Crown ElectroKinetics的股票目前的RSI爲43.8,處於中立狀態。

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CRKN has a 52-week high of $11.68 and a 52-week low of $0.04.