Microsoft's AI To Power Minecraft And Other Xbox, PC Games

Microsoft's AI To Power Minecraft And Other Xbox, PC Games

微軟的人工智能將爲《我的世界》和其他 Xbox、PC 遊戲提供動力
Benzinga ·  05/22 04:45

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) hosted its Surface and AI event Monday. The Redmond, Washington-based company introduced updates for Windows on Arm, Surface AI PCs, and improvements to Microsoft Copilot AI.

微軟公司(納斯達克股票代碼:MSFT)週一舉辦了Surface和AI活動。這家總部位於華盛頓州雷德蒙德的公司推出了Windows on Arm、Surface AI PC的更新,並對微軟Copilot AI進行了改進。

As reported by Windows Central, one highlight of the event was the integration of Microsoft Copilot into video games, starting with Minecraft.

據Windows Central報道,該活動的一大亮點是將微軟Copilot整合到電子遊戲中,首先是《我的世界》。

This feature allows players to use natural language to seek in-game guidance, such as crafting instructions, without having to rely on external sources.


Microsoft also highlighted it would protect user privacy, stating that data used by these AI-powered devices will remain on-device and won't be uploaded to the cloud or used for unauthorized purposes.


The event also raised broader questions about the impact of AI integration in gaming and content creation. While AI assistance within games offers convenience, there are concerns about the future of traditional content publishing, as reliance on social media platforms for data input increases.


This shift could affect the funding and quality of database websites and Wikis, potentially leading to inaccuracies in AI-generated content.