YouTuber Lee 'Leonhart' Steinfeld Tests GameStop's Pokémon Card Trade-In: Walks Away With $157 For $328 Haul

YouTuber Lee 'Leonhart' Steinfeld Tests GameStop's Pokémon Card Trade-In: Walks Away With $157 For $328 Haul

YouTuber Lee “Leonhart” Steinfeld 測試 GameStop 的口袋妖怪卡牌以舊換新:以 157 美元的價格獲得 328 美元的運費
Benzinga ·  05/22 04:42

YouTuber Lee "Leonhart" Steinfeld decided to find out how GameStop's (NYSE:GME) new Pokémon collectibles program works.

YouTuber Lee “Leonhart” Steinfeld 決定了解GameStop(紐約證券交易所代碼:GME)新的口袋妖怪收藏品計劃是如何運作的。

What Happened: Leonhart — touted as the ultimate Pokemon cards unboxing channel on YouTube — visited one of the few test sites for GameStop's new program near Dallas.


Arriving early in the morning, he handed over a selection of his Pokémon cards, including a Miriam trainer and a full art Squirtle from the Scarlet and Violet set, Kotaku reported. He wanted to see how the store would appraise them and what they would offer.


"These are cool," the GameStop employee said as he examined the PSA graded cards in their acrylic cases. The employee admitted he wasn't familiar with the grading process, asking: "So how does this whole grading thing work?"

“這些很酷,” GameStop員工在檢查裝在亞克力外殼中的PSA分級卡片時說。該員工承認他對評分過程不熟悉,他問道:“那麼整個評分過程是如何運作的?”

GameStop announced the trade-in program earlier in the month, rolling it out quickly without extensive training for employees.


To appraise the cards, employees scan codes on the graded cases, which pull up images and potential values. However, they must also follow an eleven-point checklist to verify authenticity and detect fraud.


Why It Matters: In the video, the GameStop employee ended up calling a supervisor for guidance. He examined the cards, held them up to the light, and checked for tampering, but the process seemed subjective.


"It looks purely vibes-based," Steinfeld noted.


Before visiting, Steinfeld estimated the value of his cards using recent eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) listings. The offers from GameStop varied widely; he received $157 for cards he believed were worth $328, about 50% of their estimated value.

在訪問之前,斯坦菲爾德根據eBay Inc(納斯達克股票代碼:EBAY)最近的清單估算了他的卡片的價值。GameStop的報價差異很大;他收到了157美元,購買了他認爲價值328美元的卡片,約佔其估計價值的50%。

While this might not seem great, it's better than trading in games—GameStop only offers $20 cash for a $70 new game like Stellar Blade.

雖然這可能看起來不太好,但它比交易遊戲要好——GameStop只爲像Stellar Blade這樣的70美元新遊戲提供20美元的現金。

Selling graded cards to GameStop might seem odd, especially when platforms like eBay or Meta Platforms Inc's (NASDAQ:META) Facebook often yield better prices. See video below:

向GameStop出售分級卡可能看起來很奇怪,尤其是當eBay或Meta Platforms Inc(納斯達克股票代碼:META)的Facebook等平台通常會產生更優惠的價格時。請看下面的視頻:

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