和黄医药呋喹替尼获批进入欧洲市场 系上海首个出海美国和欧洲市场的原创新药

Hutchmed's furmonertinib has been approved to enter the European market, marking the first innovative drug from Shanghai to enter the US and European markets.

Breakings ·  Jun 22 08:16
Hutchmed's independently developed anti-tumor innovative drug, Furquinarfni, was approved by the European Commission on the 22nd for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer. This is the second global leading market success for Furquinarfni, which was launched in the United States in November 2023, just seven months ago. As a result, Furquinarfni has become the first original innovative drug from Shanghai to successfully enter the two benchmark markets of the United States and Europe.

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