Nio Inc. reorganized the intelligent driving research and development department, merging perception and control into a large model team.

Breakings ·  Jun 19 19:44
Nio Inc's intelligent driving development department recently completed a structural adjustment. Previously, Nio's intelligent driving research and development department was divided into perception, regulation, and integration. After the adjustment, the perception and regulation teams merged into a large model team, and the integration team was reorganized into a delivery team. The merged large model team is led by Peng Chao, the former head of the Nio perception team. The reorganized autonomous driving research and development department is still led by Ren Shaoqing, the vice president of Nio's intelligent driving research and development. After the adjustment, Ren Shaoqing conveyed to the team that they should abandon the traditional perception-decision-regulation paradigm that the industry has been using for many years. This means that Nio will more clearly explore the use of end-to-end large models to achieve higher-level intelligent driving.

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