Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of China Passenger Car Association (CPCA): Looking forward to more improvement measures such as promoting the use of electric vehicles in rural areas, exempting personal income tax for car buyers, and encouraging marriage an

Breakings ·  Jun 17 18:40

Cui Dongshu, the Secretary-General of the China Passenger Car Association, stated in a post that in 2024, the demand for automobile production will steadily increase, with a continuous improvement in social consumption expectations, solid progress in high-quality development, and the automobile industry continuing its recovery trend. In 2023, the relationship between automobile sales and real estate sales is 37 square meters of housing per car, and it will continue to decrease to 32 square meters of housing per car in 2024. The sales ratio of real estate and cars has slightly improved and is more reasonable than the highest point in 2020 when it was 70 square meters per car. Due to debt pressure, the demand for the automobile market is relatively sluggish. As the only consumer good that has not yet been widely popularized in Chinese urban and rural households, the overall trend of the national passenger vehicle market has improved in recent years, with passenger car consumption gradually improving.

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