China Gold Group: Holding strategic mineral resources in its own hands.

Breakings ·  Jun 15 07:22
On June 12, 2023, China Gold Group Co., Ltd.'s holding listed company's 2023 annual and 2024 first quarter collective performance briefing was held at the Shanghai Stock Exchange. "China Gold Group has firmly grasped the strategic mineral resources through resource acquisitions, mining right expansions, and resource base construction." Lu Jin, the Party Secretary and Chairman of China Gold Group Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Zhongjin Gold Corporation Ltd., introduced: First, strengthen the top-level design and overall planning of the resource lifeline strategy, and continue to increase exploration in important ore-forming areas and their surroundings and deep areas, and excavate endogenous potential. Second, strengthen communication and cooperation with relevant ministries and geological exploration units to build a group of strategic mineral resource reserves. Third, actively promote a group of strategic mineral resource projects to land. (Shanghai Securities News)

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