三星公布芯片技术路线图:到2028年AI相关客户名单将扩大五倍 收入将增长九倍

Samsung has released the roadmap of its chip technology, and the list of AI-related clients will expand fivefold by 2028, with a ninefold increase in revenue.

Breakings ·  Jun 13 08:59

Samsung announced its chip technology roadmap on June 13th to win business in the AI industry. According to Samsung's predictions, the list of its AI-related customers will expand fivefold, and revenue will increase ninefold by 2028. The company has announced a series of layouts for future AI-related chips. The advanced technology introduced by Samsung uses back-end power supply network technology to place power rails on the back of silicon wafers. The company says that compared with the first-generation 2-nanometer process, this technology not only increases power and performance but also significantly reduces voltage. Samsung also says that its ability to offer logic, memory, and advanced packaging will help it win more outsourcing orders for AI-related chips. The company also announced the Gate-All-Around (GAA) processor designed based on AI, and plans to produce the second generation of 3-nanometer GGA in the second half of this year, and offer GAA in its upcoming 2-nanometer process. The company also confirmed that preparations for its 1.4-nanometer chip are progressing smoothly, and aims to achieve production by 2027.

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