累计14家A股上市公司公告不再续聘普华永道作为2024年度审计机构 中国银行调整普华永道合作内容为2024年度中期财务报告审阅

As of now, 14 A-share listed companies have announced that they will no longer renew PwC as their auditor for the year 2024. Bank of China has adjusted its cooperation with PwC to provide professional services for the review of mid-term financial reports

Breakings ·  Jun 11 22:04
As of now, 14 A-share listed companies, including China Life Insurance, China Railway Industry, Haitong Securities, China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings, Bank of Hangzhou, China Merchants Energy Shipping, PetroChina, The People's Insurance, Ningbo Zhoushan Port, Ningbo Transportation, CM Bank, China Railway Hi-Tech Industry Corporation, National Silicon Industry Group and Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics have announced that they have cancelled or will not renew their appointment of PwC as their auditor for the year 2024. In addition, Bank of China announced on June 7th that it plans to adjust the arrangement of renewing PwC's annual audit services to hire it to provide professional services such as reviewing mid-term financial reports for the year 2024.

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