港股房地产股多数走强 金辉控股涨近30%

Most Hong Kong real estate stocks are up, with Radiance Holdings up nearly 30%.

Breakings ·  Jun 4 11:19
As of publication, Radiance Holdings (09993.HK) rose by 27.57%, Sino-Ocean GP (03377.HK) rose by 15.29%, Yuexiu Property (00123.HK) rose by 9.08%, and Cifi Hold GP (00884.HK) rose by 7.59%. In terms of news, according to data from China Real Estate Index System, the average price of newly built commodity residences in 100 cities nationwide was RMB 16,396 per **** meter in May 2024, which increased by 0.25% compared to the previous month. As for the number of cities with rising or falling prices, 44 cities saw a month-on-month increase while 40 cities saw a decrease, and 16 cities remained unchanged. Comparing with the same period last year, the average price of newly built residences in 100 cities nationwide increased by 1.33%.

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