因赛集团:又一子公司取得“短剧三证” 微短剧业务布局加速

Insai Group: Another subsidiary obtained the “Three Short Drama Certificates” and the micro short drama business layout was accelerated

Breakings ·  May 31 11:41
According to Insai Group, Jiuyu Culture, a holding subsidiary of the company, recently obtained the “Three Essential Certificates for Short Drama Production” (radio and television program production and operation license, online culture business license, and value-added telecommunications business license) by acquiring 100% of the shares of Tianjin Mirai Jiida Culture Media Co., Ltd. Previously, Film World, a holding subsidiary of Insai Group, also obtained the “Three Essential Certificates for Short Drama Production” in April 2024 through an acquisition. Since then, two subsidiaries of the Insai Group have the necessary qualifications for short drama production, and the layout of the mini skit circuit has been improved.

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