Since 2024, non-US companies have accounted for 39% of US IPOs, a record high in more than ten years

Breakings ·  May 30 03:37
Waystar Holdings Corp. has launched a US IPO program. If the issue price is at the upper end of the issuance price guidance range, it is expected to be the largest IPO of US$1.04 billion so far in 2024. This scale of financing did not even make it into the top three in this year's US IPOs. Since 2024, the top three companies with the largest IPOs listed by non-US companies on the US Stock Exchange are Viking Holdings Ltd., Amer Sports Inc., and JSC. Since 2024, US IPOs have reached US$17.2 billion, and non-US issuers account for 39%. This share has reached a record high in the last ten years. (Bloomberg)

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