白银期货尾盘拉涨2.45% 逼近前高

Silver futures pulled up 2.45% at the end of the session and approached the previous high

Breakings ·  May 29 15:55
The main contract for silver futures rose to 2.45% at the end of the session to 8,539 yuan/kg, approaching the previous high of 8,733 yuan, increasing positions by 16,471 lots per day. A total of 14.8 billion yuan was deposited, and capital inflows exceeded 900 million yuan. Experts said that Federal Reserve officials continued to make claims that the Federal Reserve should continue to downsize, did not completely rule out the possibility of interest rate hikes, and were even more hawkish. However, overseas markets are still optimistic. NASDAQ has reached new highs and BTC has risen again, driving sentiment to continue to improve, and benefiting the precious metals market. Focus on the resonant performance of US stocks, BTC, and gold. Furthermore, prior to the negotiations between Kazakhstan and Israel, the two sides were in verbal conflict, bringing about renewed uncertainty. Silver performed better than gold, and the gold to silver ratio declined rapidly. Judging from historical trends, the peak price of gold basically ended with a rapid rise in silver prices. This round of rising silver prices is also expected to drive bullish effects.

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