Zhi Spectrum AI takes a stake in chip company cloud integrated circuits

Breakings ·  May 22 14:03
According to the Tianyancha App, recently, Beijing Xingyun Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. underwent business changes, adding Zhipu Huazhang Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Zhipu AI, as well as Shanghai Fengrui Ruijia Investment Center (limited partnership) and Tianjin Renai Xinyi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. as shareholders. The registered capital was increased from RMB 3 million to RMB 3.735 million, and many key personnel changed at the same time. Beijing Xingyun Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. was established in August 2023. The legal representative is Ji Yu. Its business scope includes integrated circuit manufacturing, integrated circuit chip design and service, integrated circuit chip and product sales, information system integration services, information technology consulting services, and IoT technology services. According to public information, the company is a GPU chip developer for large model scenarios.

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