因赛集团发布AI微短剧预告片 探索AIGC+短剧赛道布局

Insai Group releases AI mini-skit trailer to explore AIGC+ skit track layout

Breakings ·  May 19 14:31
The reporter learned from Insai Group that the company decided to invest some R&D resources to explore the organic combination of AIGC and skits to generate 3 AI short drama trailers with different themes, “Urban Phantom” (suspense theme), “Start Again” (motivational theme), and “The Girl Who Supplements Heaven” (mythical theme). If the subsequent market response is good, the company will start developing large-scale model products for the short drama AIGC, covering functions such as Wensheng script, video generation, video editing, and marketing transformation, as well as setting up a project company and introducing strategic financing to carry out market-based operations.

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