The Ministry of Commerce responds to the so-called “overcapacity theory”

Breakings ·  May 16 16:02
On the afternoon of May 16, the Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference. Reporter: Recently, some Western countries have frequently accused China of “overcapacity,” saying “China's new energy exports are impacting the international market.” May I ask the speaker how do you view the so-called “overcapacity”? Ministry of Commerce spokesman He Yadong said that the so-called “overcapacity theory” is contrary to common sense and common sense, has no reason, and is completely untenable. We must respect the rules and facts on production capacity issues, and look at them objectively, comprehensively, and in the long term. Overall, the global new energy industry is still at the stage of initial development and rapid growth. Not only is there no “excess” in related production capacity, but it is relatively insufficient. (Sun Moon Tan Tian)

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