主力尾盘持续加仓银行板块 抛售有色金属板块

The main players continued to increase their positions in the late session, and the banking sector sold the non-ferrous metals sector

Breakings ·  May 16 14:44
The main capital continued to flow into banking, real estate, electronics and other sectors at the end of the session, with net outflows from non-ferrous metals, utilities, power equipment and other sectors. Looking specifically at individual stocks, Ziguang Co., Ltd., China Merchants Bank, and Ping An Bank received net inflows of 1,072 billion yuan, 841 million yuan, and 589 million yuan. In terms of net outflows, Luoyang Molybdenum, COSCO Marine Control, and Tianfu Communications were sold for 362 million yuan, 323 million yuan, and 286 million yuan respectively.

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