GPT-4o was officially unveiled, downstream applications of multi-modal AI accelerated, and institutions were piling up to investigate these concept stocks

Breakings ·  May 14 13:08
On May 13, local time, OpenAI released a new flagship generative AI model called GPT-4o, and plans to “iteratively” launch it into the company's products within the next few weeks. Since this year, global AI models have continued to be iteratively upgraded, including overseas Sora, Llama3, etc., domestic Kimi, Kunlun Tiangong AI, and Step Star. According to statistics, the total R&D expenditure of multi-modal AI concept stocks reached 32.753 billion yuan in 2023, accounting for 11.2% of revenue. This ratio is 4.46 times the overall level of A-shares during the same period. The R&D expenses of the four concept stocks of Yuncong Technology - UW, Geling Deep Vision, Alter, and ArcSoft Technology account for more than 50% of the revenue, which is equivalent to investing more than half of the revenue in R&D. Since this year, a total of 61 multi-modal AI concept stocks have welcomed institutional research. Tom Cat, Suzhou Keda, Insai Group, Zhongke Information, Zhongke Chuangda, and Worth Buying have all been investigated 5 or more times. The largest number of institutions participating in the research was China Science and Technology Chuangda, which reached 457; followed by Guanglianda, Tomcat, and Dahua Co., Ltd. (Data treasure)

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