路博迈13F披露一季度中资ADR持仓变动 清仓京东和百度而增仓拼多多

Lubomai 13F discloses changes in Chinese ADR positions in the first quarter, clearing JD and Baidu and increasing positions with Pinduoduo

Breakings ·  May 14 07:10
Analysis of Lubomai's 13F application documents shows that the investment advisor cleared Shell, JD, and Baidu in the first quarter, cut positions on Yum China and Alibaba, opened positions with Lujin and Tencent Music, and increased Pinduoduo. The company's first-quarter clearance stocks: Shell ADR 670,000 copies, JD ADR 200,000 shares, and Baidu ADR 120,000 shares. Reduced stock positions: Yum China ADR 2.18 million shares, Ctrip ADR 450,000 shares, Zhongtong Express ADR 160,000 shares, NIO ADR 130,000 shares, Anzen Technology ADR 46,000 shares, New Oriental ADR 4,586 shares, and Alibaba ADR 2,174 shares. Open positions: Lujin ADR 100,000, Tencent Music ADR 95,000, Qifu Technology ADR 10,000, Auto Home ADR 9,754. Additional stocks: Pinduoduo ADR 98,000 shares, NetEase ADR 25,000 shares.

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