Five departments including the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the “Smart Tourism Innovation and Development Action Plan”

Breakings ·  May 13 15:01

The General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and other departments issued the “Smart Tourism Innovation and Development Action Plan”. Among them, it is proposed to strengthen the collaborative innovation and development of 5G+ smart tourism. Implement the “signal upgrade” campaign to continuously improve 5G network coverage in various key tourist areas such as national tourist attractions above level 4A, national tourist resorts, national tourist and leisure districts, national nighttime cultural and tourism consumption clusters, national rural tourism key villages and towns, national archaeological site parks, etc., optimize 5G network service quality in key areas and areas with high passenger flow, explore the potential and advantages of using 5G technology in video surveillance, real-time transmission, driverless driving, etc., and expand application scenarios in the tourism field. Continue to launch 5G+ smart tourism application pilot projects and solutions.

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