Colon Pharmaceutical: Plans to subscribe for 4.42 million yuan of the 4.42 million domestic shares issued by the subsidiary Colunbotai on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Breakings ·  May 8 08:24
Colon Pharmaceutical announced on May 8 that its subsidiary Sichuan Colun Botai Biomedical Co., Ltd. (“Colun Botai”) plans to issue H shares at the same time as issuing H shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (see relevant information disclosed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange's website for details). The company plans to subscribe for all of its targeted domestic shares. The two parties signed the “Targeted Issuance of Shares Subscription Agreement” on May 8, 2024. The subscription price is determined according to the price of H shares issued by Columbaix on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange after considering exchange rate factors. The subscription amount is RMB 136.21 per share. The subscription amount is 4,423,87 million shares, and the subscription amount is 603 million yuan. After the subscription is completed, the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary Colun International Development Co., Ltd. will directly hold about 54.80% of Columbite's shares, and the company will remain the controlling shareholder of Columbite.

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