The total size of public funds reached 29.2 trillion yuan in March, and the number and scale of equity products increased

Breakings ·  Apr 20 05:56
After the total size of public funds broke through 29 trillion yuan for the first time in February, it was still above the 29 trillion yuan mark in March. However, compared to the record high of 29.3 trillion yuan in February, the total size of public funds declined slightly in March. Specifically, as of the end of March, the total net asset value of closed-end funds was 3.81 trillion yuan, an increase of about 5.3 billion yuan over the end of February; the total net asset value of open-ended funds was 25.39 trillion yuan, a decrease of about 109.4 billion yuan from the end of February. Sun Enxiang, head of the Wealth Partners team at Paipai Network, said, “In March, there were two reasons for the year-on-year increase in the number and net worth of stock funds and hybrid fund products: first, the market picked up, public fund earnings rebounded sharply, and investors' enthusiasm for subscribing to equity products increased; second, public funding institutions actively purchased their own purchases, which boosted investor confidence to a certain extent.” (Securities Daily)

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