Economic Daily: Steady and orderly development of the low-altitude economy

Breakings ·  Apr 20 05:20
The Economic Daily published an article stating that to promote the high-quality development of the low-altitude economy, the first step is to grasp the scale of orderly development. Related industries should be laid out in a steady and orderly manner, taking into account the actual situation of the local industrial ecology and the needs of specific and solid scenarios. We must resolutely prevent industrial development from “rushing up”, and at the same time effectively avoid “scattered all at once” in industry development. Another important aspect of orderly organization is to do a good job in system design and security, ensure that the resulting application scenarios are closely related to economic and social development needs, and resolutely prevent disorderly acts such as “speculating on concepts” and “misleading scenarios.” The cultivation of a low-altitude economy requires a long cycle. From technology introduction and demonstration application to cultivating industrial ecology, it is necessary to do a systematic planning, standardized and orderly “first kilometer” to achieve the sustainable development of the industry.

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