经济日报: 我国出口机遇大于挑战

Economic Daily: China's export opportunities outweigh challenges

Breakings ·  Apr 20 05:17
According to an article published in the Economic Daily, one basic judgment is that with the gradual weakening of the base figure and the influence of seasonal factors, China's exports are expected to return to the main line of the potential economic growth rate. This can be seen from changes in leading global manufacturing indicators: in January of this year, the global manufacturing PMI returned above the boom and bust line after a lapse of 16 months. In March, this indicator continued to improve month-on-month, reflecting the start of a new round of global external demand recovery and overseas inventory replenishment cycle. Looking at various factors, the opportunities facing China's exports this year will outweigh the challenges, and China's foreign trade is still worth looking forward to.

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