全面取消住房限购 湖南长沙楼市“以旧换新”政策落地

Complete abolition of housing purchase restrictions and implementation of a “trade-in” policy for the property market in Changsha, Hunan

Breakings ·  Apr 20 04:20
On the evening of April 18, Changsha, Hunan issued a notice clarifying that when buying a house in Changsha, the eligibility conditions will no longer be examined. This means that Changsha will completely abolish the housing purchase restriction policy. At the same time, those who buy a new home by “trade-in” in Changsha can also enjoy the down payment ratio for the first home and the interest rate on the mortgage loan in accordance with the “buy a house without loan” policy. On April 19, Changsha raised the maximum loan amount for housing provident fund loans for newly built commercial housing from 700,000 yuan to 800,000 yuan, and families with three children can further increase it to 900,000 yuan. (CCTV News)

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